– Famous author Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” The key to this, we believe, is to seek opportunities to embrace creativity in all its forms. We’ve built our Fort Totten community for artists of all skill sets and background, from budding photographers, to interior designers to painters, musicians and everything in between. As we’ve discovered, there is more beauty than meets the eye when pursuing your creative passions. Keep reading for our four favorite reasons to explore your creative edge.  

Art Reduces Stress

As we all know, it’s pretty stressful to work and live in a bustling city such as DC. One of the biggest benefits to pursuing art is the ability to relax and unwind, giving you a much-needed break from the obligations and responsibilities of everyday life. . You might find that exploring your creative side leads to a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in positive emotion. In fact, it’s been proven that doing something creative for just one hour helps with stress by promoting relaxation and releasing feel good hormones.

The Arts are Social

Whether you’re attending a wine and paint night, discovering a new art gallery or listening to a local musician, it’s always more fun to explore the arts with others. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen old friends, this could serve as the perfect opportunity to come together for an inspired experience over a shared passion.

The Arts Increase Your Sense of Accomplishment

A major benefit to being creative is feeling good about yourself, and there’s nothing like a strong sense of accomplishment when you’ve tackled a new task. Moving into a new apartment gives you a fresh palette to make your mark, allowing you to fill the space with DIY crafts, photography, paintings or just plain cool furniture. Bringing a space together to make it your own will you give a feeling of happiness unmatched in other ways.

 Art of Living Modern - The Modern at Art Place - Photography

The Arts Retrain Your Brain

According to Be Brain Fit, “Creating art trains you to concentrate on details and pay more attention to your environment.” Once you incorporate the arts into your regular routine, you may find that your brain is sharper in other areas of life, or you are starting to notice details you never did prior. Think of it as exercise for the mind. That’s one we can get behind.

To learn more about The Modern at Arts Place or to book a tour or give us a call at 888-306-3899. In the heart of Fort Totten, Art Place will include a Children’s museum, dedicated cultural spaces, Xsport Fitness and tons of destination retails and dining. Live at the Modern and have a front row seat as the excitement unfolds.

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