Feeling inspired to start making fitness goals? It’s as good a time as any! Living at The Modern makes working out convenient and easy for all fitness levels. With a fitness center on-site you’re steps from top notch gym equipment for a cardio or weight lifting workout. If you’re looking for more motivation or a group setting, there’s plenty of gyms within minutes. Take steps towards getting fit this summer at these gyms near The Modern.



Whether you’re a beginner or fit athlete, KAAOS Gym will help you maximize your health and fitness. Work out with one of their personal trainers, take a warrior training class or take advantage of their open gym. KAAOS Gym even offers nutritional programs to assist with your weight-loss and fitness goals. Try boxing, lifting weights, calisthenic moves, power exercises and more to gain muscle or burn fat. This gym is only 10 minutes from The Modern.


Bourne2Fly Fitness

Bourne2Fly Fitness offer small group fitness classes led by a coach. Whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advance fitness level, there’s a class for you. The Body Blast Boxing Boot Camp is great for someone working on their upper body strength and conditioning. Learn self Defense, boxing footwork and moves like the hook. Or check out the Fly Fit Camp. This class is a high-intensity interval training workout that challenges you to reach your personal goals. Get your workout in with just a 10 minute drive from The Modern.


From the Core Studios

From the Core Studios sets you up to see results. When you join, you set a goal to work towards. The rest comes from giving frequent workouts all you have. Find classes that focus on cardio and weight loss; strength and muscle toning; and flexibility and core training. They offer 20 different classes that are led by one of five professional coaches. See if this is the right gym for you with a 15 minute drive from The Modern.


Petworth Fitness

Interested in giving CrossFit a try? Petworth Fitness offers various programs including CrossFit. This gym is open 24 hours, seven days a week so you can workout around your schedule. Get nutrition assistance, personal training or addicted to CrossFit at Petworth Fitness. You can get here in less than 15 minutes from The Modern.


What are you waiting for? With so many gyms near The Modern, you’re within minutes of reaching those fitness goals. We hope give these gyms a try.


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