With the change of seasons comes the perfect time to clean away the winter grime and get a fresh start with your organization. Use these spring cleaning tips to get your home at The Modern looking and feeling like new. It might take some elbow grease but you’ll love the end results.


Declutter Your Closet

Closets are easily cluttered with clothing that no longer fits or items that you never use. Go through and evaluate what you actually wear or use regularly. Then donate the rest. The Modern DC will have a Salvation Army drop off box in the lobby all day on March 22nd.


Deep Clean Room by Room

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. Take it room by room. Start with the room that needs the most love and work your way around your apartment. Clean all those hidden, hard to reach spots. Dust, mop, scrub and declutter your way to a clean and fresh apartment.


Get Organized

We get busy and things start to pile up. While you’re cleaning room to room, reorganize your cabinets and closets. There are tons of organization products to help with storage and keep your apartment looking clean all year long. Try nesting baskets, over the door storage/shelving and temporary wall hooks.


Create New Cleaning Habits

Make spring cleaning a fresh start to new cleaning habits. With new habits you’ll make next year’s spring cleaning much easier. Take 10-15 minutes per week to maintain the organization you worked so hard at this spring. Also, don’t wait until spring to do a deep clean. Start deep cleaning ever season change to stay ahead.


No time to spring clean? Let us help by referring a maid service that will be a good fit for you. A clean home is a happy home so jump on in with these spring cleaning tips!


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