Whether you’re new to Washington DC, have lived here your whole life, or somewhere in between, it’s always good to be prepared for any move. Use The Modern DC moving tips to get ready for your transition into your new home. Hopefully you’ll know what to expect when the day comes. 


Let Some Items Go

Moving is always a great time to evaluate the accumulation of things in your space. Maybe you’ve had some items for years that have gone unused. Now is the time to let it go. Maybe you donate it or sell it so that someone else might actually put it to good use. If you’re someone that struggles with the letting go process, give yourself more time. Each day gradually pack one or two items into a box. If you find that you’re not missing that item, then it’s a good sign it wasn’t a necessity. 


Begin Envisioning Your Space

At The Modern DC, each home is designed to be a blank canvas for your creativity and personality to shine through. Start thinking about the artwork you want to hang or the color scheme for your new bedroom. By taking steps to prepare for your new layout and home will help create excitement during a potentially stressful time as well as help with this new transition. 


Do Research on the Area

Don’t know much about the Fort Totten area? Now’s a great time to research the area before you arrive. If you’re new to public transportation, learn more about the Metro system and where the closest location is to The Modern DC. Figure out where the closest grocery store or the best route to get to your job. These are all ways to help you feel more prepared for your big move. 


Ask For Help

The friendly team at The Modern DC is here to simplify your life. If you’re not sure about what to expect on moving day, just ask. Need recommendations for moving services? Just ask. Our team is just a phone call away and happy to make your move as comfortable and easy as possible.  


Inspired to make the move? Be sure to use The Modern DC moving tips when you move into your new home. 


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