The open floor plans at The Modern DC makes it easy to create a space that works for your lifestyle. No matter which floor plan you choose, whether it’s a studio, one-, or two-bedroom, you’ll find that these tips will maximize your space at The Modern DC and open up more opportunity. Who doesn’t want that!


Store Up

Make use of your wall space by storing items vertically. Use bookshelves and floating shelves for easy, decorative storage. If you can hang it, then you should do it. This will open up floor space and create a more open room. Maybe you hang a planter, a bike rack, or wall hooks for jackets or keys.


Multipurpose Furniture

Furniture can be bulky and take up a lot of space. When purchasing furniture think about finding items that can be used in multiple ways. Try to find a coffee table that has storage inside. Choose a bed frame with drawers underneath. Maybe even a couch that opens up into a bed. There are tons of furniture options available to meet the needs of function, storage, comfort and design.


Don’t Need It, Let It Go

Sometimes the easiest way to maximize space at The Modern DC is by downsizing the clutter. If you’re someone that has a hard time letting go of things, try different techniques for deciding what should and shouldn’t go. Some people find getting rid of one item a day helps them make the best decision for what isn’t serving them. Whatever you choose, just remember it’s ok to let go of things that don’t bring you happiness.


We hope these tips will help you maximize your space at The Modern DC and create a comfortable, happy home. Happy organizing!


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